Pattadesa with special handle in olive wood
Beautiful handmade folding knife that is distinctive shape Pattadesa by experts, which was added his personal touch revised.

Blade has a good size (8 OR 9 cm) forged in AISI 440 steel with special processing on the back.
The handle is not made of a single piece of ram’s horn clearly finished, and ring and pin are made of stainless.

49€ – 8cm. blade
59€ – 9cm. blade
shipping cost included.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (please email me for instructions), Paypal or credit card. Contact me to make the payment in the mode you preferred

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It is important to note that each of the knives I sell is a unique piece, forged by a craftsman who certifies the execution of the art.
Each knife is in fact by a regular card, the traceability of the craftsmen who made ​​it possible.
Objects of dubious origin or imported does not stretch. I prefer to give the correct value when I buy, not to nasty surprises when I sell.
The sale is for a product never out of the normal controls (clutch pin handle, check the edge of the blade) is used.
Each knife comes with a suitcase by the artisans, forged intended.

The knife is Pattadese utility knife switchblade , characterized by a slender blade , rather straight and sharp tip .
The handle is also smooth and straight in order to best accommodate the blade .
The shape of the handle, the most common mode is composed with two grips horn cattle and rivets and ring made of brass or steel.
Also known as ” Sa resolza ” was , and still is , the traditional pastoral knife , and the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans Pattada have meant that this became a source of livelihood and fame not only for those who produce it , but for the whole country, so that now the kind of knife is also called ” pattada ” or ” pattadese .”
It ‘ important to note that each of the knives I sell is a unique piece , forged by a craftsman that certifies the execution of the art .
Each knife is in fact provided by a regular card that allows traceability of the craftsman who made ​​it .
Do not stretch objects of dubious origin, import , much less counterfeit . I’d rather pay a fair value when I buy , not to have bad surprises when I sell .
The sale is for a product never used before except for the normal controls ( clutch pin handle, check the edge of the blade ) .
Each knife comes with a carrying case provided by the artisan who has forged .

handle often curved to the blade best to accommodate. Often, the handle is carved from a single piece of horn. The nut and bolt are usually made ​​of brass or steel.

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