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Handmade Sardinia knives

The love for the island where I was born and its traditions, which we increasingly bring back to future generations, have led me over the years to study its history first (I’m graduated with a thesis in contemporary history on my adopted city, Olbia ), then the language and popular traditions.

The passion for Sardinian handmade knives has conquered me for about 20 years.

On this site you will find for sale only unique pieces always supplied with a guarantee of authenticity provided by the craftsman who forged the knife, which I own and that I sell from private to private.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact me

The various types of Sardinian artisan knives

The Sardinian handmade knives produced in the Arbus area are called Arburesa: this is a multipurpose switchblade knife, characterized by a bellied blade and generally larger in size than the Pattadese.

The curved handle in order to better accommodate the blade. Often the handle is made from a single piece of horn. The ring nut and the pin are generally in brass or steel.


The mozzetta guspinesa or more simply Guspinesa is a particular switchblade knife with the tip of the blade without a tip.

In the early 1900s this type of knife, however very effective in the cutting phase, became widespread with the Giolitti law of 1908, which significantly limited the port of knives.

The Pattadese knife is the best known of the various types of Sardinian knife. A switchblade, it is characterized by a rather straight slender blade and sharp tip.
The handle is also regular and straight in order to better accommodate the blade.
The shape of the handle, in the most common way, is composed of two cheeks of bovine horn and rivets and ferrule in brass or steel.

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