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Beautiful Guspinesa-style switchblade and bovine bone handle.
Handcrafted switchblade knives with hand-forged Guspinesa-style AISI 420 steel blades. The handle is in clear bovine horn, brass ferrule and rivets

The asking price is 99 eur, for the knife with 8 cm blade
shipping costs included

Payment can be made by bank transfer (write me an email for instructions), Paypal or credit card. Contact me to make the payment in your preferred method

Click on the images to enlarge them. If you need more pictures of this handmade knife, contact me for further information.
If you need a knife similar to this one but with particular customizations (e.g. an incision in the blade) Contact me.
I will be happy to find a solution to your request with you.

It is important to underline that each of the knives I sell is a unique piece, forged by a craftsman who certifies its execution in a workmanlike manner.
Each knife is in fact provided with a regular tag that allows the traceability of the craftsman who made it.
I do not deal with objects of doubtful origin or imported. I prefer to give the right value when I buy, so as not to have bad surprises when I sell.
The sale relates to a product that has never been used before except for normal checks (friction of the handle pin, verification of the blade edge).
Each knife is supplied with a case supplied by the craftsman who forged it.
Guspinesa: The mozzetta guspinesa or more simply Guspinesa is a particular switchblade knife with the tip of the blade without a tip.
Guspinesa style switchblade. Mozzetta. Sardinian handmade knife, Sardinian knife, mozzetta, Guspinese knife

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